Sonora, leader in the mining industry

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Published: 2021-05-03
Sonora, leader in the mining industry

SONORA – According to copper production figures, Sonora is the main mining state in the country, with 52,405 tons, which represents 80.65% of the national production, and gold with 3,155 kilograms, which is 30.96% of what was produced in the country.

According to December 2020 figures provided by Inegi, 51,276 kg of silver were produced in the state, which is 9.61 kg of what was generated nationally. On the other hand, 100% of molybdenum and wollastonite is produced in Sonora.

Likewise, the state is the second national producer of barite and also produces iron, lead, salt and silica, among other minerals.

The minister of Economy of the entity, Jorge Vidal Ahumada stated that the value of Sonora’s production represents 36% of the national production, which represented US$3.96 billion and represents 37% of the state’s GDP.

Margarita Bejarano, director of the Mining Cluster, informed that 22 municipalities in the state have mining activity; currently, the state has 48 active mines, six processing plants and around 200 exploration projects.

The activity generates 105,000 direct and indirect jobs, approximately 20% of them are mine workers.

In addition, Bacadehuachi has the largest lithium deposit, with reserves of approximately 243.8 tons.

It is worth mentioning that the British company Bacanora Lithium and the Chinese company Gangfeng Lithium are already developing a US$420 million project. The company has already announced that the extraction of the mineral will begin in 2023.

Source: Expreso