Sonora, second place in aerospace development

Category: News
Published: 2016-10-19

Sonora was ranked the second State with the most aerospace development in Mexico, as it is home to 60 companies from this sector, creating roughly 10,000 jobs, remarked the Ministry of Economy, Jorge Vidal Ahumada.

He also stated that Sonora is located South of Baja California Norte, a State with over 70 companies devoted to the aerospace sector; and South of Sonora, the States of Chihuahua and Queretaro are located. He explained that, in this productive sector, each State has become specialized in the creation and manufacture of different airplane components, where Sonora’s specialty is turbines (“the heart” in any plane). Vidal Ahumada also said that the development of the Aerospace industry in Mexico is enormous, due to the US$33 million that have been invested over the last years, generating more than 110,000 jobs nationwide.

Source: Critica