Sonora will invest US$1.1 million in Ecoparque

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-12

HERMOSILLO – This year it is expected to invest another US$1.1 million to Ecoparque Sonora, additional amount to the US$2.8 million that were allocated in the first three stages, said the head of Coordinación de Infraestructura Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología (Cidue), José Antonio Carrillo Atondo.

Carrillo Atondo indicated that the works that contemplate the first stages are expected to keep moving during the fourth and fifth stages, where it is planned to build more sports areas, a kind of outdoor theater, as well as a trail.

It is worth mentioning that work is currently being completed on the third stage, where 85% progress has been made; the park is expected to open its doors in April of this year.

Source: Expreso