Sonora’s agricultural industry is growing

Sonora’s agricultural industry is growing

SONORA – The presidents of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregón agreed that food processing has gained importance in the state, especially in pig farming and grain industrialization.

An example of growth in the food manufacturing industry, is the proportion that represented the industrial gross domestic product by 2019 in the state, generating US$9,224 million, of which US$1,785 million was from agribusiness

The president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in Hermosillo, Silvia Álvarez Amaya, said that there is a positive evaluation of the agribusiness industry given its expansion in the search for new international markets for the placement of its products.

“It is one of the activities that has adjusted to the new times of water scarcity in the state; agribusiness is growing in several areas of the entity, which is gaining presence in Hermosillo, Caborca and Guaymas,” he considered.

She added that the food industry has become more important in Sonora in recent years than in Sinaloa, a state characterized by its advanced agro-industrial infrastructure, even though the production of certain products is higher in the neighboring state.

“Currently, in Sonora there are more and more companies focused on the industrialization of the field and these generate substantial foreign exchange for the Sonoran economy,” she stressed.

Álvarez Amaya added that a major boost to agribusiness in the state comes from the authorities by exempting from taxes certain activities that are part of the same process, facilitating permits and providing support in terms of electricity and water.

In the case of southern Sonora, the president of Canacintra in Ciudad Obregón, Julio César Pablos Ruiz, stated that the food industry in the region has grown, but not due to the installation of new companies, but due to expansions of existing ones.

It is worth mentioning that companies such as Yoreme, Constellation Brands, Soles, Pepsico, Gamesa and La Moderna, among others, are located in the municipality of Cajeme.

Source: El Imparcial