Starups participate in Energy Sprint accelerator program in NM

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Published: 2023-04-18
Starups participate in Energy Sprint accelerator program in NM

NEW MEXICO – The New Mexico Clean Energy Growth and Resilience Group (NM CERG), housed at New Mexico State University’s (NMSU) Arrowhead Center, announced its next generation clean technology accelerator Energy Sprint.

NMSU stressed that cleantech startups are crucial to the transition to a sustainable future, making it essential to develop and implement innovative solutions that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote cleaner, renewable energy sources.

“NM CERG is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem, and we are proud to have a diverse cohort of founders with different backgrounds, experience and perspective,” said Carlos Murguía, director of the EnergySprint program.

After a rigorous selection process, NM CERG chose 13 startups to participate in the program. The group corresponds to small businesses dedicated to clean technologies and is made up of companies from different locations, such as Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona, all with the goal of promoting sustainability and addressing environmental challenges. 

The selected companies represent diverse sectors such as climate technology, electric vehicle charging, geospatial software, renewable power plants, batteries, solar panels, conservation and carbon negative energy. Startups have a presence in New Mexico, are looking to locate in the state, or have a technology that impacts the region.

The startups will receive feedback, goal setting and mentorship from clean energy experts to help them accelerate their growth and bring their ideas to market.

“By supporting clean energy startups, we are promoting sustainability and creating a more resilient and equitable future for generations to come,” said Dana Catron, director of NM CERG.