Tamaulipas has no wind investment projects

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-29

REYNOSA – The president of Clúster Energético Tamaulipas-Texas, Constantino Castillo Hinojosa, indicated that at the moment there are no possibilities to build wind farms in the state of Tamaulipas, due to the lack of infrastructure to evacuate the energy.

“We don’t have enough conduction lines to be able to release the energy that is harvested, so in summer it would be the right moment to think about new investments, until we have the security that there is a reliable project that allows the evacuation of that energy,” he expressed.

Mr. Hinojosa pointed out that currently only 6 of the 9 projected wind farms in Reynosa will have sufficient installed capacity to canalize electricity and of these, only El Porvenir operates at 100%.

He added that they’ve been insisting on this matter to Secretaría de Energía and Comunicación Federal de la Electricidad (CFE), however both agencies say they are looking for a scheme of participation of private initiative in the construction of new transmission lines.

Source: Hoy Tamaulipas