Tecma Transportation Services’ (TTS) Command Center ensures Mexican supply chain efficiency and security

Category: News
Published: 2015-06-12

Tecma Transportation Services’ recently announced the establishment of its Command Center in El Paso, Texas. The new TTS facility has been expertly designed to maximize the Mexican supply chain efficiency and security of its customer base.

This is accomplished by providing TTS customers with the cutting edge technical tools and the trained, on-site human resources that are prerequisite for establishing and maintaining command and control of all transportation assets moving within the border zone between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Mexican supply chain efficiency and security maximization through the TTS Command Center is achieved as a result of the installation and utilization of state-of-the-art customs processing software and transportation management technologies. As for the software portion of the equation, the company has acquired and deployed AduanaSoft’s SCAII customs intelligence tool. Some of the classes of information that SCAII avails to TTS customers include:


  • integrated tariff rate information;

  • multi-currency import record keeping capability;

  • import registration data including part number tracking, and country of origin information.


Additionally, the AduanaSoft product compiles annual import and INEGI reports required by Mexico federal government, information on shrinkage control and the waste and destruction of goods, as well as provides other operational insights that serve as a tool with which to upgrade the strategic management of international IMMEX certified businesses.

Also deployed via the Tecma Transportation Services’ El Paso Command Center is the most modern of GPS technologies that further promote clients’ Mexican supply chain efficiency and security, by increasing situational awareness. Through a web-based portal, companies doing business with TTS receive real-time intelligence that informs logistics staff as to the physical position of transportation assets, as well as gives them an immediate “heads up” in cases of delays or difficulties. When shipments have reached their destination TTS clients receive confirmation that goods have been delivered to the dock door of their intended recipients.

Tecma Transportation’s professionals are cognizant of the critical importance that situational awareness plays in efforts undertaken to make the achievement of high levels of Mexican supply chain efficiency and security possible. The company takes a proactive stance in assessing the needs of international businesses, and supplying the information and recommendations that companies need to excel in their respective markets.