Television production in Tijuana will have a tough year

Category: News
Published: 2019-01-29

The television production industry in Tijuana could have a difficult year in 2019, said the regional president of Cámara Nacional de la Industria Electrónica, de Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologías de la Información (Canieti), José Francisco Elizondo.

This because foreign maquiladora companies, especially those from China, must follow the Eighth Rule, which seeks to promote national productivity by encouraging manufacturers to use a certain percentage of domestic inputs to manufacture their products.

“A difficult year is coming because they follow the Eighth Rules. Chinese companies are trying to negotiate with the federation on these same rules, because every time the requirement to integrate more national content by the authority is in a program and most of these companies will not comply with this program,” he said.

Chinese companies have been investing heavily in the region, displacing Japanese companies, and although these measures of the Eighth Rule will not cause companies to flee, they can slow their growth.

“All these investments are not at risk but they are stopping their programs to some extent because they need certainty,” he said.

The president also said an agreement must be reached with these companies to help them maintain low production costs and remain competitive in a global market.