Texas governor asks citizens to report property damage caused by migrants

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Published: 2021-07-09
Texas governor asks citizens to report property damage caused by migrants

TEXAS – Days after former President Donald Trump visited Texas and governors of several states have promised to help that entity with the dispatch of police forces and the National Guard, Governor Greg Abbott makes a call to the owners of land in the limits of Texas. the border to report if they have been affected by illegal immigrants.

Through a press release, the Republican governor urges property owners in South Texas to report any harm caused by people entering the United States without documents.

The objective is to have information on the damages and actions they have suffered and thus determine what measures to take on the part of the government.

With the reports that citizens submit, “our state will be equipped with the data necessary to continue to address the ongoing crisis on our southern border and provide the support that our landowners and communities need to stay safe and secure,” said the governor. Texan.

He indicated that this is a serious situation, since “people who have committed crimes before enter” through the southern border.

In this part of Texas, “all along the border, they have seen their lives turned upside down, there are stories of people who have been gunned down in their homes, in their neighborhoods; (to such a degree that citizens) fear letting their children play in the courtyards”,he added.

You knock down the fences from the ranchers and they have lost livestock and animals, so “people implore us to come forward and restore safety to their lives,” he said during the former president’s visit to Weslaco, Texas.

The call they are making is that citizens who have suffered damages in their homes make their report by entering http://damage.tdem.texas.gov

This information is voluntary and does not replace the notifications of damages that must be made to insurance agencies, and it does not guarantee disaster relief assistance.

In recent days, the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, reported that she would send 50 members of the National Guard to the state of Texas.

The objective is to protect the border, as this part of the country is in a crisis that requires all the necessary help and these agents are expected to arrive in a few months, he said.