Texas Tech awards US$350,000 to boost talent in automation

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Published: 2023-01-16
Texas Tech awards US$350,000 to boost talent in automation

TEXAS – Texas Tech University received a US$350,000 grant from the Texas Talent Connection to support innovative workforce training and education programs that lead to successful job placement.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) reported that in addition, the program seeks to generate increased wages and improved job retention.

The grant benefits individuals participating in the project for critical infrastructure security training programs for industry professionals and college students.

In addition, the grant will continue to provide funding to sustain the regionally focused automation and cyber-physical security training program. The project will use realistic cybersecurity simulations and provide industry-grade software licenses and certificates of approval for job opportunities in the energy and water sectors.

In addition, TWC noted that Workforce Solutions South Plains will provide workforce services for the project.

“Texas continues to break employment records on a monthly basis, but employers remain in demand for jobs with critical skills, such as cybersecurity and automation,” said Bryan Daniel, Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.

The Texas Workforce Investment Board facilitates the call for applications and competitive selection processes for the Texas Talent Connection grant program. TWC is responsible for processes related to the negotiation, funding, management, and oversight of Texas Talent Connection grants.

The Texas Talent Connection grant program is funded with federal Wagner-Peyser funds. These funds are allocated annually to each Governor’s State Office to fund workforce training and job placement services.