The Nuevo Leon Energy Cluster boosts the creation of new clusters

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-14

MONTERREY – After three years of its inception, the Nuevo Leon Energy Cluster is becoming a benchmark in supporting the creation of other clusters, such as the one in the state of Sonora.

“We help with the legal side of it, in the integration of its members, in the administrative part, as well as in the integration of the scheme of quotas and benefits,” commented Fernando Rodriguez Tovar, director of the cluster.

Rodriguez Tovar considered that Sonora has already made a breakthrough, which would enable the cluster to be up and running in a few more months.

“There should be about 20 companies in Sonora interested in integrating, mainly solar energy, gas stations and also gas pipelines, but the drive is in solar energy now,” the director said.

Source: El Economista