The US-Mexico border situation is already unsustainable according to entrepreneurs

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Published: 2019-04-16

CIUDAD JUAREZ – The crisis in the international bridges is already unsustainable and if does not improve in the upcoming days, the maquiladora industry will go through a critical situation, entrepreneurs warned.

Pedro Chavira Gutierrez, president of Index Juarez, stated that due to the slowness in the cargo crossings, approximately 30% of the goods that will be exported is staying in Ciudad Juarez.

Regarding the flow of inputs, he mentioned that the industry is bringing what is necessary to produce and that at the moment there are no cases of technical stoppages.

He commented as well that an improvement in waiting times was expected due to the announcement of the arrival of 100 CBP agents, but this didn´t happen.

The representative mentioned that this week will be crucial, since schedules will be limited from Thursday to Saturday because of the Easter holidays.

Source: El Diario