Three steel plants close in Matamoros

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Published: 2019-03-20

MATAMOROS – After 18 days of stoppages, the companies Siderúrgica del Golfo and Sistemas Estructurales y Construcciones announced the end of their operations in Matamoros through a statement.

The blockades of Sindicato Nacional Minero headed by Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, current Senator of MORENA caused the definitive closure of the three steel mills in Tamaulipas and 400 workers got paid off.

The mining workers demanded a salary increase of 20%, an annual bonus of US$2,554  and despite the fact that on March 1, companies offered their employees a 20% increase and a bonus of US$1,702, the mining union decided not to accept the proposal.

“Analyzing the additional costs that would represent, it is economically unfeasible for the company to maintain the sources of work that they have, so they are told that it has been decided to cancel the employment relationship,” stated and announcement.

Workers of these two companies mentioned before, along with Seyco Joist announced that the facilities of the companies that produce steel rods, beams and poles will remain closed until their demands are met.

Source: El Heraldo de México