Tijuana, number one in medical tourism

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-13

TIJUANA – The border cities of Baja California have pushed the segment of medical tourism and Tijuana turns to be a great example of such phenomenonwhere heavy investments are made to continue attracting travelers.

About 30% of tourism in Tijuana is medical, which means that international visitors come in search of medical services that cost up to 70% less than in the U.S., such as cosmetic surgery, bariatrics (gastric banding), reproductive medicine and dentistry.

According to Aaron Ureña, coordinator of Health Tourism of Baja California, the boom in the segment is not only related to the lower price of services in the city, but  to agreements with U.S. insurers and companies that have agreed to pay for medical services outside the United States.

At the end of 2018, 45% of the private tourist investment captured by Baja California was US$220 million, destined to medical tourism projects.

Source: Expansión