Tijuana received US$450 million in remittances

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Published: 2019-03-15

BAJA CALIFORNIA – During 2018 the municipalities of Baja California maintained strong injections of money through remittances sent by Baja Californians living mainly in the United States, being Tijuana the main recipient with US$450 million, which meant the concentration of 51% of the total captured in the entity, according to data from Banco de México.

However, Ensenada has managed to consolidate itself as the 2nd place of remittance attraction with US$193 million, contributing 22% of the total remittances of Baja California.

Mexicali lagged back to 3rd place with US$168 million, contributing 19% of the total remittances from the State, according to the central bank.

For its part, Rosarito receivedUS$39 million, while Tecate received US$31 million. For the State as a whole, the amount corresponds to US$880 million, which confirms the high dependence on remittances as the amount exceeds the new foreign investment attraction of US$339.2 million in 2018.

In this way, remittances are maintained in the current period of government as the emerging spark plug of the state economy in the absence of economic strategies for development and growth in the state.

Source: Monitor Económico