Tijuana stands out with higher salary level than other entities

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-20

TIJUANA – The average salary offered by the industry in the city of Tijuana is over US$9.9 and employees in the region have better working conditions compared to the rest of the border cities, said Ulises Araiza and Carlos Martin del Campo, president and head of the legal committee of Asociación de Recursos Humanos Industriales de Tijuana (Arhitac).

Arhitac stressed that the city has been characterized by having companies that have been named as the best place to work; workers have been the most benefited. It was mentioned as well that the medical industry is among those that offer the best salary benefits due to the specialty degree of the manufactured products.

Del Campo pointed out that the Tijuana industry must be prepared and comply with legal obligations. He stressed that the labor complications that have occurred in other entities, mainly in Tamaulipas, are due to several factors, which don’t tend to occur in the locality.

Source: Frontera.Info