Toyota investing to expand its Baja California production

Category: News
Published: 2016-09-23

Automotive company Toyota will expand its production capacity in its Baja California plant, to manufacture more units of its Tacoma model, which was the reason behind its recent US$150 million investment.

The Company says this will bring the numbers up, assembling over 60,000 annual SUV’s in addition to its current capacity, besides generating 400 new jobs in the region. The production capacity of this plant is currently 100,000 Tacoma units per year. “The demand for SUV’s in North America has grown exponentially. By taking advantage of the experience and availability of these new manufacturing facilities, we are becoming more agile and better adapted to the market’s need under the just-in-time scheme”, said Jim Lentz, President and General Director of Toyota Motor North America.

Source: El Financiero