U.S. sales of Ford Fusion manufactured in Hermosillo drop

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-12

SONORA – Sales of Ford Fusion manufactured in the Ford Hermosillo plant continue to decline in the United States, as at the end of 2018 recorded a fall of -17.2%, which has a negative impact on the economic dynamics of the state.

According to Ford’s corporate sales report published on its website, between January and December last year the company sold 173,600 units of this model, against 209,623 invoiced in 2017.

This fact caused that in November 2018 the value of manufacturing production registered a fall in the State of -5.98% in real terms, according to Encuesta Mensual de la Industria Manufacturera (EMIM) from Inegi.

The businessman Gerardo Gonzalez Guerra, said that the possible manufacture of a new model of car at the Ford Stamping and Assembly Plant in Hermosillo would improve the expectations of growth of the manufacturer-automotive sector for Sonora in 2019.

“It could improve the situation with the new car. What Ford hasn’t said is if it will cancel the Fusion or run in parallel with this new car, which is regularly run in parallel,” said Ford’s supplier.