UAdeC achieves agreement to create research centers

Published: 2019-04-30
UAdeC achieves agreement to create research centers

COAHUILA – Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (UAdeC) received from the general director of Conacyt, María Elena Álvarez-Buylla, the agreement to promote the next two stages of Centro de Investigación Científica de Cuatro Ciénegas, dedicated to bring science and technology to young people.

UAdeC’s rector, Salvador Hernández Vélez, reported that the investment in this center will be about US$7.8 million, including a museum, which will keep record of the explorations and studies carried out on the natural wealth of that area.

He stated that Conacyt’s investment of around US$263,301 in the three stages has already been completed, once Cuatro Ciénegas City Council provided the land and confirmed the State Government’s willingness to support the development of this research center.

In this first stage, the information gathering center is being installed in a space provided by Casa de la Cultura de Cuatro Ciénegas, but the area where it should be built is yet to be designated.

The project has already been elaborated, that’s why during the second stage work will be carried out with Conacyt, in order to give new technological alternatives to the exploitation of candelilla, guayule and oregano.

Source: Vanguardia