University of Texas will certify companies in Tamaulipas

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-11

TAMAULIPAS – Energy industry suppliers will be certified by the University of Texas and by Asociación Nacional de Universidades in the oil industry, said Constantino Castillo Hinojosa, president of the Energy Cluster in Tamaulipas.

“In the process there are 27 companies that are already in certification seeing their processes, there is a company from the United States and the International cluster Tamaulipas-Texas, along with the University of Texas that has the facility to certify and that are partners of our consortiums,” said Castillo Hinojosa.

He pointed out that these universities are in the process of training their teaching staff to aspire to become certifiers.

“I think we are advanced in that sense and soon we will have some results, especially to have more extensive participation of our companies in all projects in the state,” he said.