University of Tijuana implements photovoltaic parking lot

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Published: 2019-03-13

TIJUANA – Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana (UTT), through the use of renewable energies, implemented its first photovoltaic parking lot, with the objective of positively impacting the environment.

The rector of Universidad Tecnologica de Tijuana (UTT), Othón Rogelio Casillas Ángel, informed that the objective is to consolidate a culture of social and environmental commitment, through Responsabilidad Social Universitaria (RSU) program.

“The Photovoltaic Parking project consists in the implementation of a solar farm whose system has an installed capacity of 10.56 kilowatts, which will generate about 15,000 kilowatts annually,” he said.

Mr. Casillas added that the project had an investment of US$26,991 and represents a 2% saving in the university’s energy consumption, mainly feeding the cafeteria area.

He stated that the project in its first stage, will generate savings in the consumption of electricity, it will work as well as a laboratory practice for students in university careers such as Renewable Energy and Environmental Chemistry offered by the university.

Source: 20minutos