US$1 million investment to equip schools with water purifiers

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-08

CHIHUAHA – With an investment of US$1 million, DIF Estatal Chihuahua delivered 1,589 microbiological water purification tanks to schools that have the School Breakfast Program, in its hot and cold modality, in the 67 municipalities of the state.

This program was coordinated by Dirección de Alimentación y Desarrollo Comunitario, which brought the purifiers to a total of 1,439 schools that use the school cafeterias of DIF Estatal Chihuahua.

The purifiers are a “Community” model of the LifeStraw brand; they have the capacity to store and purify up to 25 liters of water every 2 hours and their use will facilitate the preparation of food to ensure better nutrition for the development and academic achievement of children.

This investment is the result of savings made during 2018 in the bids of Fondo de Aportaciones Múltiples (FAM) of Branch 33.

source: Frontenet