UTEP and the City of El Paso join forces to boost small businesses

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Published: 2023-01-26
UTEP and the City of El Paso join forces to boost small businesses

EL PASO, TX – The City of El Paso’s Economic and International Development Department has partnered with UTEP to provide small businesses with resources to refine their business or marketing plan.

“Small businesses have a better chance of not only surviving, but thriving, if they have the right tools and resources,” said Economic Development Director Elizabeth Triggs.

She noted that through the partnership with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), students will have the opportunity to apply their classroom education to make an impact in the real world and in the border community by maintaining contact with local small businesses.

During the spring semester of 2023 (February through May), three groups of UTEP students will be assigned to help local small businesses with assistance.

Group 1, will consist of six small business owners looking to attract new customers through new marketing efforts, create or refine their business marketing efforts, develop a website or loyalty QR program that will increase sales.

In Group 2, efforts will focus on Multicultural Marketing targeting 10 international businesses based in El Paso doing business in Mexico or Canada, as well as developing an international marketing strategy.

Those added to Group 3, will target 10 businesses interested in developing a business plan or assisting an individual looking to open a small business in the near future, as well as developing a comprehensive business plan.

The City of El Paso invited small business owners who wish to participate from February through May to contact the Department of Economic and International Development.