Whirlpool expands Nuevo Leon production

Category: News
Published: 2016-05-04

Whirlpool just installed a second line of production of large load automatic washers in its Apodaca, Nuevo Leon campus. With this line, the U.S. corporation is expanding its large-machines’ production by 70%, selling most of these items in the Mexican market.

The objective, according to Sergio Leme, president at Whirlpool Mexico, is to serve their consumers from a closer standpoint. Besides, the home appliances’ sector is hitting record sales’ rates, and so they are trying to prepare a good response to the increasing demand. “Four years ago, 100% of this type of washers were imported from the U.S., then we went down to import 60% and now we’re importing only 20%”, said Mr. Leme. 80% of the production stays in Mexico, while the remaining 20% is exported to Central and South American countries.

Source: El Norte