Mexico and the U.S. sign agreement to export tomato without tariffs

Category: Agreements, Agrifood
Published: 2019-09-24

MEXICO – Mexico and the United States signed the new Tomato Anti-Dumping Suspension Agreement, with which Mexican producers can export the product to that nation without paying tariffs until 2024.

This new agreement suspends the dumping investigation against the Mexican tomato industry, which allows Mexico to evade a 25.28% tariff for its exports.

To reach the agreement, Mexico yielded to the requirement of quality inspection requested by the U.S., same that will apply for the tomato grape that is packed in bulk, as well as for the tomato ball and roma. The minimum reference prices, with which Mexico can export to the neighboring country, were classified by type of product: tomato ball, roma, grape, cherry, cluster, and peduncle.

Source: El Imparcial