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Global EV Sales Projections: Key Metals and Global Supply Chain Realities

GlobalAutoIndustrycom’s latest Audio Interview “Global EV Sales Projections: Key Metals and Global Supply Chain... Read More

U.S. improves travel conditions for Nuevo Leon and San Luis Potosi

MONTERREY – The US State Department reported that the travel advisory for Mexico was recently updated and the states... Read More

Baja California could be the first state to be 100% immunized

BAJA CALIFORNIA – Baja California has initiated the vaccination against COVID-19 to people 18 years of age and older... Read More


First Mexican Meeting of Experimental Rocketry Engineering is held in BC

American Airlines announces new routes to Mexico

MEXICO – American Airlines announced the opening of new routes connecting Austin, Texas, with Cancun, Puerto ... Read More

American Airlines benefits from recent air traffic surplus

US - The United States’ airline industry was highly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic with millionaire losses ... Read More


Canadian auto parts manufacturers seek to invest in Mexico

Northeast manufacturing production grew by 12.3%

MEXICO – In the first quarter of 2021, the value of manufacturing production in the Northeast grew by 123% annually, ... Read More

FRS invests US$16 million in Coahuila

ACUÑA, COAHUILA – Fluid Routing Solutions (FRS) is building its third plant in the state of Coahuila, after the ... Read More


CBP Highlights the USMCA Importance During Trade Week

More northbound lanes coming to California port of entry

SAN DIEGO - The San Ysidro Port of Entry has 27 northbound lanes and eight more are on the way They are scheduled for ... Read More


German Ambassador meets with businessmen in Juárez

The new U.S. consulate in Hermosillo is almost done.

HERMOSILLO - The US Consulate General in Hermosillo celebrated the conclusion of a new stage in the construction of ... Read More


Nuevo Leon ranked fourth in exports in 2020

Exports from Mexico to the U.S. fall 5.6%

CDMX – During February, Mexico made exports to the United States for US$27428 billion, which represented an annual ... Read More

Export sector, the engine of the economy in 2021: Caintra

MEXICO – With the accelerated vaccination process in the United States and a downward trend in unemployment, the ... Read More


Mexico-U.S. imports and exports fall almost 50%

PORT-LAREDO operated more than US$225 billion in 2018

LAREDO – The World Trade Bridge (WTB) is the main operating structure in PORT-LAREDO, which reached a traffic of ... Read More

Mexico and the U.S. expedite the passage of agricultural exports

MEXICO – Mexico and the United States have launched a pilot inspection program to reduce up to three to five hours ... Read More