Infrastructure for the Tesla Gigafactory moves forward

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Published: 2024-01-31
Infrastructure for the Tesla Gigafactory moves forward

NUEVO LEON – In a press release, the Government of Nuevo Leon demonstrates the progress of the secondary infrastructure for the arrival of Tesla to the state with the excavation for the access and lane expansion works on the Monterrey-Saltillo highway in the Tesla area; this way there will be three lanes in each direction.

The work consists of excavations of 4 meters deep in a stretch of 1.5 kilometers (similar to the length of the Tesla plant) which will be carried out in both directions of the artery, and once completed, the motor grader will begin the fine tuning and body of the work.

Guillermo Gil Moreno, Infrastructure Director of the State’s Strategic Projects Trust Fund (Fideproes) supervised the progress in the area and reported that the work is proceeding according to the schedule planned by the construction companies. Based on studies, with the arrival of the gigafactory, an increase of more than 40% of the vehicular flow on the highway is expected.

“We are going to continue advancing quickly with all the precautions, there is already the preventive work signage where the lane is invaded a little bit, in fact the two lanes of the highway are operating normally and it will also be like that in the other section”, explained Gil Moreno.

He specified that the existing accesses, such as the one that leads to the Civil Force detachment, will remain normal, and the right-of-way will not be touched to the outside, since the works will be done to the inside of the two bodies of the highway.

After the expansion to three lanes in the area, the work is scheduled to continue until it reaches the Terralta residential subdivision and golf club (located next to the Tesla area), so it will be a moderately long extension that will occupy the entire front of the Tesla land.

Regarding the construction of the planned vehicular bridge to cross the intersection of the highway with the peripheral ring road, so far the project is in preliminary works, since first there will be protection tasks and pipe coating to start with the work above.

These works are intended to meet the projected increase in vehicular flow in the area and expected in the State, as a result of the promotion strategies to attract foreign direct investment and take advantage of nearshoring.