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Prestige Development Group will invest US$50 million in El Paso

EL PASO – Another large commercial development is planned for the Cielo Vista Mall area in El Paso, Texas Prestige... Read More

IDMM arrives in Sonora

SONORA — Sonora continues to grow in the aerospace sector The French company Industrie Doloise de Micro Mecanique... Read More

US bets on Mexico’s agricultural industry

USA— The US government will carry out a commercial mission to Mexico in order to forge new opportunities in the... Read More


Shimtech Composites invests US$20 million in Sonora

Southwest Airlines to expand its LEAD project in Dallas

DALLAS – Southwest Airlines Co (NYSE: LUV) announced construction is underway on an expansion project for the ... Read More

Aerospace Clusters are working on an air bridge

QUERETARO — The aerospace industry in Chihuahua, Nuevo León and Querétaro plans to generate an air bridge that ... Read More


Auto transmission plant invest US$400 million in Texas

Mexican auto exports slow on falling demand

MEXICO – Growth in exports of Mexican-produced automobiles is slowing dramatically as auto production, there is ... Read More

Coparmex rejects the regularization of illegal cars

MEXICO – Mexico’s Employer’s Confederation (Coparmex) expressed its rejection of the regularization of the ... Read More


Ports To Plains will boost the economic activity of the northern border

Mexico and the U.S. reduce waiting times at customs

MEXICO – During 2018, three new unified cargo processing centers opened at the border between the United States and ... Read More


Nuevo León seeks to add more municipalities to the tax incentive order

Big business sees better benefits to USMCA than small companies

USA – Leaders of large businesses are more optimistic about the potential benefits of the new trade agreement between ... Read More


Cummins prepares to shift operations to Mexico

Mexico’s clothing exports plummet by 20%

MEXICO – Mexico loses brightness on the global supply map In the last decade, the country’s clothing exports have ... Read More

Mexico has the opportunity to increase its exports

MEXICO – The commercial problems of the last months between the United States and Mexico are not an obstacle for ... Read More


Mexico and the U.S. expedite the passage of agricultural exports

Texas receives US$220 million for border crossing

TEXAS – Pete Saenz, mayor of Laredo, Texas, said US$220 million have already been authorized to complete ... Read More

Mexican banana reaches record in imports

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO – US imports of Mexican fresh bananas touched in 2018 an unregistered level since 1993, before the ... Read More