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The 7 Keys to Communicating in the Brazil Automotive Industry

GlobalAutoIndustrycom’s latest Audio Interview “The 7 Keys to Communicating in the Brazil Automotive Industry”... Read More

More northbound lanes coming to California port of entry

SAN DIEGO - The San Ysidro Port of Entry has 27 northbound lanes and eight more are on the way They are scheduled for... Read More

Border closure will benefit local commerce: Canaco

JUAREZ – The extension of another month in the border closure for Mexicans with laser visas means a golden... Read More


El Paso Air Traffic Plummets

COVID-19 stopped investment in the Tampico International Airport

TAMPICO – The health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, stopped the investment plans in the Tampico ... Read More

Foundation stone laid for the ATS/Creation plant in Sonora

SONORA – The Governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, laid the first stone of the construction of the ... Read More


Baja California registers disinvestments in the automotive industry

Baja California Aims to Legalize Auto-Chocolates by Decree

BAJA CALIFORNIA – Authorities in Baja California have proposed a decree to legalize about 700,000 ... Read More

Prince Manufacturing and Tomcar Partner to Produce a Vehicle

PHOENIX – Prince Manufacturing has entered into an agreement with Phoenix-based Tomcar to produce Tomcar TX model ... Read More


Long lines reported at border crossing

Mexico and U.S. extend land border closure till October 21

MEXICO – The border between Mexico and the United States will remain closed to nonessential travel until at least ... Read More


Renters Request Relief

Baja California Creates Controversial Own Tax Collection Agency

By Wendy Fry The Baja California state legislature approved the creation of a local tax administration services ... Read More


Chihuahua has lost about US$10 billion due to the farmers’ protests

Roadblock on highway to Juarez affects exports: Index

VILLA AHUMADA – The president of Index, Luis Carlos Ramírez López, expressed his concern about the blockade kept ... Read More

Exports from Juarez to the U.S. fall

JUAREZ – During the first semester of 2020, Ciudad Juarez stopped exporting more than US$55 billion in merchandise ... Read More


Mexico-U.S. imports and exports fall almost 50%

PORT-LAREDO operated more than US$225 billion in 2018

LAREDO – The World Trade Bridge (WTB) is the main operating structure in PORT-LAREDO, which reached a traffic of ... Read More

Mexico and the U.S. expedite the passage of agricultural exports

MEXICO – Mexico and the United States have launched a pilot inspection program to reduce up to three to five hours ... Read More