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The Opportunity in Disruption. How marketing during a recession will help global automotive companies to thrive

GlobalAutoIndustrycom’s latest Audio Interview “The Opportunity in Disruption How marketing during a recession... Read More

The USMCA Era Begins with Challenges to the Border’s Automotive Industry

By Nancy J Gonzalez The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has expired, and now the United... Read More

USMCA gives the opportunity to integrate more to the supply chain: FEMIA

CHIHUAHUA – In the wake of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global economy, North American aerospace... Read More


General Atomics Partners Conflux Technology

VivaAerobus announces its new Monterrey-San Antonio route

MONTERREY – VivaAerobus announced the start of the new international route Monterrey - San Antonio, which will begin ... Read More

Chihuahua will adjust its aerospace production lines

CHIHUAHUA – The aerospace industry could have a growth of 7%, 50% less than what was registered during the last 15 ... Read More


Car sales in Chihuahua fall 61.2% in May

New car sales drop in Chihuahua

CHIHUAHUA – For second month in a row, new car sales in the state of Chihuahua registered a historic drop amidst the ... Read More

Managing Actual Volatile Demand in the Global Automotive Supply Chain

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California’s Otay Mesa Port of Entry returns to normal 24/7 schedule

US$26 million will be invested in Laredo, Texas

Laredo – Mastronardi Produce signed an agreement with authorities in Laredo to expand and build a distribution ... Read More


New Mexico governor signs measure to help small businesses recover from COVID-19

USDA and Arizona Sign Shared Stewardship Memorandum

ARIZONA – US minister of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey agreed to a collaborative new ... Read More


Exports to the U.S. have their worst drop since 1986

Steel exports to the U.S. fell 10.28% in May

MEXICO – In May Mexico exported to the United States US$188 billion in steel products for consumption, a drop of ... Read More

Vehicle and electronics exports to the U.S. drop in May

MEXICO – The historic 48% annual drop in exports from Mexico to the United States seen in April mainly ... Read More


Mexico-U.S. imports and exports fall almost 50%

PORT-LAREDO operated more than US$225 billion in 2018

LAREDO – The World Trade Bridge (WTB) is the main operating structure in PORT-LAREDO, which reached a traffic of ... Read More

Mexico and the U.S. expedite the passage of agricultural exports

MEXICO – Mexico and the United States have launched a pilot inspection program to reduce up to three to five hours ... Read More