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SPACs: An Alternative for Auto Suppliers and Companies to Go Public in the U.S.

What is a SPAC, and what is the reason for looking into SPACs Is there an advantage for using a SPAC, which is... Read More

New Mexico Economic Development Requests Investment to Ensure a Prosperous Future

NEW MEXICO - New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD) Cabinet Secretary Alicia J Keyes asked legislators that... Read More

USPS Forecasts Nearly One Billion Holiday Deliveries

UNITED STATE - With the start of the holiday season, the United States Postal Service (USPS) indicated that increased... Read More


Laredo Airport to receive US$100 million to improve infrastructure

The Challenges of Energy Efficiency and Savings in the Aerospace Sector

BAJA CALIFORNIA – The aerospace industry continues to expand in most of the companies in Baja California in 2021, ... Read More

El Paso-Orlando flight is inaugurated

EL PASO – The low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines launched 13 new nonstop routes from Orlando International Airport ... Read More


Ford in Hermosillo celebrates 35 years of operations

General Motors would no longer invest in Mexico

MEXICO – If Mexico does not have renewable energies and a legal framework focused on sustainability, it will cease ... Read More

Valeo expands its operations in Juarez

JUAREZ – Valeo, the world's leading manufacturer of automotive windshield wipers and other products, is celebrating ... Read More


CBX increases its workforce by 32%.

CBP Highlights the USMCA Importance During Trade Week

MEXICO – Recently, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) hosted a four-day virtual trade week During the event, the ... Read More


AMLO and Biden to create border security working group

Fibra Nova closes leasing agreement with Black & Decker

HERMOSILLO – Fibra Nova, the Mexican infrastructure and industrial real estate trust, signed a 10-year lease ... Read More

US Border Life

County of San Diego seeks to return tax money to taxpayers

Project Bravo receives US$6 million to help El Paso County families

EL PASO - El Paso, Texas nonprofit Project Bravo received US$6 million in funds from the American Rescue Plan Act ... Read More

Federal Government Warns Arizona to Follow Safety Rules for COVID-19

ARIZONA - The state of Arizona may lose the authority to control its enforcement of workplace safety law as it has ... Read More


Goods movement at the border is speeded up

Chihuahua, first place in cattle exports to the U.S.

CHIHUAHUA – Chihuahua cattle ranchers exported a total of 295,054 head of live cattle to the United States during ... Read More

Laredo, Texas Bridge invests US$10 million in border crossing

NUEVO LAREDO – The World Trade Bridge in Nuevo Laredo, through which 40% of US-Mexico trade crosses, is investing ... Read More


Mexico-U.S. imports and exports fall almost 50%

PORT-LAREDO operated more than US$225 billion in 2018

LAREDO – The World Trade Bridge (WTB) is the main operating structure in PORT-LAREDO, which reached a traffic of ... Read More

Mexico and the U.S. expedite the passage of agricultural exports

MEXICO – Mexico and the United States have launched a pilot inspection program to reduce up to three to five hours ... Read More